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One of our students, Linara Axanova, wrote this after winning the Novice Latin category at the 2007 North East Regional Championships:  

"This, for sure, would never had happen without you guys. Your coaching, teaching takes us where we are. Let alone your watching over and influence on the "psychological" and "partnership" aspects of our dancing ...Thank YOU!!"

Ballroom & Latin

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From the moment your lesson begins, you'll realize our teaching methods will not only make learning to dance fun and exciting, but rewarding as well.  

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 Whether you want to dance an elegant Waltz or a hot Latin Rumba, we can help you with both private and group classes.

Are you dreaming of that first dance?  What a great way to make that special day even more special by learning to dance.  Let us teach you how to make that first Waltz truly romantic.  A beautiful moment that your family and guests will remember long after your wedding day.

Have you always wanted to learn to dance?  Enjoying the music and the company of others is one of the satisfactions that comes from learning to dance.

One of the many benefits of ballroom dancing that I am experiencing is the slowing down of Parkinson’s disease symptoms such as tremors in the arms and legs, loss of balance and difficulty walking.  I was diagnosed with the disease five and one half years ago.  My husband 
and I have been social dancing for years, and have been competing in the last six years.  We practice and take lessons on most weekdays and sometimes on the weekends.  After a good warmup, many leg tremors that are present at the beginning of these sessions disappear or decrease greatly.  My husband and I consider ballroom dancing a great form of physical and mental exercise and also a form of physical therapy for me.  I recommend dancing as a beneficial exercise for everyone and especially for people with the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

Les and I practiced today and reviewed what we covered in our lesson yesterday with you.  We hope to work lots before our next lesson.  

Janice Bowers

Do you want to take your dancing to the next level?  We are certified National Adjudicators and dancesport Coaches.  We coach several collegiate teams, as well as competitive couples that compete at the National levels.

We capitalize on the partnership skills needed for two people to dance together and enjoy the music.  We specialize in tailoring each lesson to match your needs.

Private or Group Dance Lessons